100% Natural Healthy Juice

About ZaramFood Co., Ltd

Zaram Food Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Healthy Juice in S.Korea. We make all products with 100% Natural Ingredients only. To make people being health with our products, we do not put any additives or something like chemical ingredients on our products. Health is the most important IDEA on our company. Zaram Food always try to make the best products for the human society.



Supplying to the HomePlus 

ZARAM FOOD has established in Muan, S.Korea at 2017.  Zaram Food has a contract with HOMEPLUS which is one of the biggest mart in South Korea.

To The Global Market

Since October 2018 Zaram Food has started to export to the overseas market. Attending G-FAIR in South Korea, and then had a business meeting with many companies from VIETNAM, CHINA, JAPAN, USA, SINGAPORE and AUSTRALIA. 
After that We have started to export to the Singapore, USA and Australia at 2018. 

Make a good partnership

Zaram Food Partners

‌100 %  N A T U R A L   H E A L T H Y   J U I C E

‌T A R G E T

‌Children with cough and sputum.

‌Elderly people with hypertension and vascular disease.

‌Swelling of women

‌Person whose stomach is unhealthy

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